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Moose are the largest member of the deer family?

The name "Moose" actually means _______.
swamp dweller
mountain stomper
forest wanderer
twig eater

The largest race of all is the _______________ race of moose.
North American

The male Moose have a peculiar sac, known as the _____, hanging from the neck.
Adam's Apple

Male Moose can weigh over ______ pounds..
1000 lb.
1200 lb.
1500 lb.
2000 lb.

An Alaskan moose discovered in 1897 holds the record for being the largest known modern deer; it was a male standing 7 ft 8 in at the shoulders and weighing 1799 lb. Its antler spread was ______.
78.3 in
66.2 in
86.6 in
70.8 in

Moose are reported to kill more people in Canada than any other animal except ________.
Grizzly Bear
Black Bear
None of the above

U.S. President _______________was referring to the male moose's relentless behavior during breeding when he said "I am as strong as a bull moose".
Theodore Roosevelt
Benjamin Franklin
Bill Clinton
Thomas Jefferson

European rock art and cave paintings reveal that the Moose has been hunted since the stone age, a popular method of hunting then was _____________.
Running off cliff
bow and arrow
trapping pits

During the autumn breeding season Moose become very bold; it is not uncommon for them to charge at moving _____.

The moose (elk) is considered the national animal of ________and_________.
Sweden & Norway
England & France
Scotland & Poland
Iceland & Russia

A moose can swim for up to two hours and as far as ____ miles?
2 miles
4 miles
8 miles
12 miles