Colorado Hunting Unit Map

Instructions: You can load up to 10 hunting units simultaneously on the map at one time. Simply click the "Checkbox" next to the unit name, and the map will load. You can zoom in or out to any zoom factor that you desire. To toggle between "terrain" view and "satellite" by simply clicking the view buttons on the top right of the map. Enjoy!

Each colorado hunting unit has a detailed information page. Click on the detail link next to each unit name to be taken to that units specific page. Please add a "unit report" so that other hunters can learn from your scouting, success, or failures for a particular unit.

Disclaimer: makes no guarantee to the accuracy of the maps. We strive to keep up to date maps from the various states, but you should always consult the Division of Wildlife Resource for detailed boundaries, maps, and unit information. Please report errors to our team. The maps do not show private land nor no hunting areas within a region.

Colorado Hunting Units | Reset Map
Unit: 851Unit: 86Unit: 861
Unit: 87Unit: 88Unit: 89
Unit: 9Unit: 90Unit: 91
Unit: 92Unit: 93Unit: 94
Unit: 95Unit: 951Unit: 96
Unit: 97Unit: 98Unit: 99
Unit: 111Unit: 112Unit: 211
Unit: 29Unit: 3Unit: 301
Unit: 10Unit: 100Unit: 101
Unit: 102Unit: 103Unit: 104
Unit: 105Unit: 106Unit: 107
Unit: 109Unit: 11Unit: 110
Unit: 113Unit: 114Unit: 115
Unit: 116Unit: 117Unit: 118
Unit: 119Unit: 12Unit: 120
Unit: 121Unit: 122Unit: 123
Unit: 124Unit: 125Unit: 126
Unit: 127Unit: 128Unit: 129
Unit: 13Unit: 130Unit: 131
Unit: 132Unit: 133Unit: 134
Unit: 135Unit: 136Unit: 137
Unit: 138Unit: 139Unit: 14
Unit: 140Unit: 141Unit: 142
Unit: 143Unit: 144Unit: 145
Unit: 146Unit: 147Unit: 15
Unit: 16Unit: 161Unit: 17
Unit: 171Unit: 18Unit: 181
Unit: 19Unit: 191Unit: 2
Unit: 20Unit: 201Unit: 21
Unit: 214Unit: 22Unit: 23
Unit: 231Unit: 24Unit: 25
Unit: 26Unit: 27Unit: 28
Unit: 30Unit: 32Unit: 33
Unit: 34Unit: 35Unit: 36
Unit: 361Unit: 37Unit: 371
Unit: 38Unit: 39Unit: 391
Unit: 4Unit: 40Unit: 41
Unit: 411Unit: 42Unit: 421
Unit: 43Unit: 44Unit: 441
Unit: 444Unit: 45Unit: 46
Unit: 461Unit: 47Unit: 471
Unit: 48Unit: 481Unit: 49
Unit: 5Unit: 50Unit: 500
Unit: 501Unit: 51Unit: 511
Unit: 512Unit: 52Unit: 521
Unit: 53Unit: 54Unit: 55
Unit: 551Unit: 56Unit: 561
Unit: 57Unit: 58Unit: 581
Unit: 59Unit: 591Unit: 6
Unit: 60Unit: 61Unit: 62
Unit: 63Unit: 64Unit: 65
Unit: 66Unit: 67Unit: 68
Unit: 681Unit: 682Unit: 69
Unit: 691Unit: 7Unit: 70
Unit: 71Unit: 711Unit: 72
Unit: 73Unit: 74Unit: 741
Unit: 75Unit: 751Unit: 76
Unit: 77Unit: 771Unit: 78
Unit: 79Unit: 791Unit: 8
Unit: 80Unit: 81Unit: 82
Unit: 83Unit: 84Unit: 85