Prize – MossBack Bulls Gone Wild Vol. #3

The prize for this week of Monday Madness will be: MossBack Bulls Gone Wild Vol. #3

Come join Doyle Moss & Team MossBack make history with the greatest accomplishment by any Outfitter or Indian Reservation. Watch them take 8 bulls over 400 inches including 13 record book bulls, fiv e of which net over 400. Feel the Rush!!!

  • Over 30 Screaming Hunts, 17 kill shots
  • 7 Rifle hunts between 401 to 433 B&C plus Don Cooks 401 P&Y Bull
  • 90% Public lands Utah and Nevada
  • See Utah State record beat twice in the same season
  • Witness Ron Skoronski take the largest 6×6 ever taken on film, 433 gross 426 net, Utah’s new #1 typical and pending #4 in the world. 

Check back in a week from today to see the winner.

 $19.95 Value – Yours FREE if you win!

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