Major Website Update

We’ve made some major upgrades to our website as of late.  A few important changes and features will be outlined in this post.  We feel these features and additional features coming soon make MuleyMadness the best designed, easiest to use, fun, friendly, and informative hunting website out there!  Because these updates change the way users will interact and upload content to MuleyMadness, we’ll outline the new changes and procedures here:

New Features

Single Sign On
One Username and Password logs you onto the entire website. A simple login box appears on all website pages in the top of the right hand sidebar to show if you’re logged in.
User Uploads
Users can now upload the following items to the site: Photos, Videos, Stories, Articles, How-To’s, Comments. All content except comments must be approved before it will appear on the site. The upload section features a powerful editor which allows for easy uploading and formatting of your stories, and articles.
WYSIWYG Submit Editor
Our submission backend features a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Simply login and click the “submit” button in the main navigation, and you’ll be directed to the submission area. There is a quick video tutorial we highly recommend you watch to get you started.
User (Author) Profile Pages
Want to see all of the content that a particular user has submitted to the site? Easy, just click on their username, and you’ll be directed to a profile page showing all of their uploaded videos, stories, photos etc. Example Here
We have recruited some of the best minds in the business to share their knowledge with our users. These users are known as “Prostaff”. We’ll feature content from them from time to time. If you’re interested in becoming a Prostaff drop us a note on our Contact Page.
Nested Commenting
Most stories, articles, and photos now allow for commenting. Both members and non-members of the site can comment. Nested commenting also allows for easy replying to another users comment. Comments by the content author will are styled with an orange border to easily see when content authors reply to user comments. Comments also feature permalinks (the comment date link), which allows you to easily link to a specific comment. Example Here
Monday Madness Contests
We’ll be giving away lots of goodies to our users. Monday Madness is our way of making the site fun, and giving back to the users. Any and all content you submit to the site (forum posts, replies, comments, stories, photos, etc.) automatically enter you in for weekly drawings. The rules are simple, the more you enter the better your odds of winning. Certain content is worth more ‘tickets’ than other content. For a list of your odds, content weights, winners, and rules see the Monday Madness Page
Other Contests
We occasionaly run additional contests such as Guess The Score, Shed Photo Contest, etc. Check our Contests Section for details.
RSS Feeds for almost ALL pages
You can subscribe to RSS feeds for most of our content
RSS Feeds for Comments
You can subscribe to RSS feeds for just Comments
Site RSS Main feed
You can subscribe to RSS feed for the entire site (All Content)
Hunting Units Section with Maps (BETA)
A brand new section allows for displaying Hunting Unit Maps and information. Users can submit “Unit Reports” to a particular area, which is provided as a means of education for others unfamiliar with the territory
Social Integration (Facebook Likes)
All the cool kids are doing “Social” features these days. You can now “like” pages and your Social Network groups will be clued into why MuleyMadness is so awesome. Google+ and Twitter integration coming soon.


  • New site look
  • Login box on all pages
  • Recent Content Sidebar Tabs
  • Random Photo/Video Sidebar Rotator
  • Even easier navigation
  • HTML5 Doctype

Features in Progress:

  • Enhanced Hunting Units pages
  • Enhanced Hunting Guide Pages
  • Skills Tests (Score guessing, Eyesight Tests)
  • User Blogs
  • Newsletter Subscribe / Unsubscribe
  • Send Photos as Ecards




Wow, obviously a ton of work has gone into this. This site has continually gotten better and better since I joined 5 years ago. The new look is good and everything seems much easier to use, but I’m especially excited for the hunting unit pages (it will be nice to have all the states units right here on one site) and the user submitted articles/how to’s/blogs (plus being able to comment on them all). Great work everyone, it is appreciated!


Well Done Muley Madness!

These are great changes and they improve what was already the best mule deer site on the planet!


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