Hunting Articles

Supplemental Feeding Of Big Game – Utah

by Philip J. Urness To avoid adding to the public’s confusion, this review seeks to assemble the pertinent information on winter feeding programs in regions of cold climates and to place it within the Utah context. The reader is encouraged to read the bibliographical citations and verify the relationships summarized here. The idea of supplemental… Read more »

Urban Wildlife: Issues & Management Solutions

by Todd A. Black Jack H. Berryman a leader in wildlife management once said, “As the human population continues to grow and the competition for space and other resources increases, there will be more need for managing the damage caused by wildlife—the application of a wide variety of management, sociological, and economic tools to assure that… Read more »

Hunting plays a vital role in the ecosystem

by Anthony P. Mauro, Sr  There has been much confusion about the benefits hunting. Although well intentioned, many of the perspectives of NON hunters overlook the fact that generally accepted wildlife management practices, which include hunting, have science as their basis. Also unnoticed are the benefits that hunting provides in helping to maintain a balanced ecosystem…. Read more »

Mapping habitat for the deer of the west

by Todd A. Black As much as I can I have been trying to keep you up to date with the efforts of the Western Association of Fisheries and Wildlife Agencies (WAFA) Mule Deer Working Group. As a brief reminder this group was established back in 1998 for the sole purpose of identifying critical issues… Read more »

Where have all the Mule Deer gone?

by Todd A. Black Most of us would have to agree ‘things just aren’t the way they used to be’. I’ve heard my dad and some of the other older generation (I’m 35) who have hunted mule deer for 40 or more years talk about the numbers of deer and quality of bucks observed and… Read more »

Fawns-bucks-does, where does it all start?

by Todd Black Terry Messmer wrote an article titled “It All Starts With The Fawns”.  In this article he discussed the importance of fawn production and survival being the key to success for your deer herds. In the last two paragraphs he discussed the importance of buck age structure within a given population and the role they… Read more »